Elizabeth Heaton

College Admissions Consultant

Former admissions officer at
University of Pennsylvania
Former alumni admissions ambassador at
Cornell University

About Elizabeth HeatonCollege Admissions Consultant

My Background

I began my admissions career at the University of Pennsylvania, where I chaired university selection committees, evaluated potential athletic recruits as one of the school's athletics liaisons, and oversaw the university's portfolio of admissions publications. I also served as second chair in the selection committee for the school's flagship interdisciplinary Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology. A frequent contributor to USA TODAY and The Huffington Post and a graduate of Cornell University, I bring exceptional skills to the craft of essay writing paired with experience reading and evaluating thousands of admissions essays. I can offer expert advice on a wide range of college admissions topics, from colleges' expectations for high school curriculum choices and standardized test scores to choosing the right extracurricular activities and essay topics. Prior to joining the University of Pennsylvania, I worked as a public relations professional and served for a decade as a member of the Cornell Alumni Admissions Ambassador Network.

My Education

Cornell University
Bachelor's in English
University of Pennsylvania
Graduate Coursework in the School of Education

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Why I Joined Bright Horizons College Coach

One of my least favorite parts of my job at Penn was seeing bright, passionate, engaged students make bad choices, whether picking the wrong topic for an essay or making poor curriculum selections or not presenting their activities in a meaningful way in their applications. I joined College Coach so that I could help students avoid those same mistakes. I love providing families with a peek behind the curtain of admissions, helping them understand what matters and why in the process, and I strive to help each student present his or her best self in each application.

Some of my Favorite Pastimes

Traveling anywhere in the world, skiing in Maine and New Hampshire, watching Red Sox baseball and Bruins hockey, trading great books with friends and going to movies