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What does the college essay support from Bright Horizons College Coach® look like?

In our past lives as college admissions officers, we reviewed hundreds of thousands of admissions essays. Without a doubt, the best college essays we read were the ones where we could hear the student’s authentic voice shining through–not the most polished, not the ones with the greatest number of “SAT words,” and definitely not the ones that were ghost written by an adult. 

Not every student is a natural-born writer, and that’s okay! Admissions officers don’t pick up an essay expecting to read the next New York Times bestseller. Through our work getting to know each student’s personality, goals, and interests, our experts help the student craft an essay that tells their unique story in their unique style. 

How do we accomplish this? Here's a snapshot:


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Identify the Right Topic:

To identify the right topic for a student, you really have to know who they are. Our experts dive into the brainstorming process with exciting, thoughtful questions that help students to identify the hidden gems of their experience and land on the kind of story only they can tell.


Understand the Assignment:

The college essay is unlike any other writing assignment a student has ever encountered. Fortunately, we’ve seen thousands of them. We will help your student understand what a college essay is and, just as importantly, what it isn’t. 


Find Your Voice:

There’s no “right way” for a student to tell their story except the one that harnesses their authentic voice. When it’s time to think about how to begin and end the essay in a powerful and memorable way, we’ll point the student towards their strengths. Some examples of strong intros include:

Ever feel like a slowly melting ice statue?
I was nine years old when I learned that I had a superpower.
Gazing up at a sea of stars from my backyard is incredible.
“You’re a pilot? Since when?” Since always.

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Check Your Work:

Proofread, proofread, proofread! Your College Coach admissions consultant will provide thoughtful feedback and constructive editing to refine the essay until your student feels it reflects their best work. And we don’t farm this work out to someone else: your advisor will be with you every step of the way.

What Do Our Students Have to Say?

[My advisor’s] essay feedback is also pointed and logical; they are not afraid to tell you that an essay needs serious work, which helped me get the best essays possible.

College Coach Graduate and Harvard University student

I thought the essay support was really amazing. I really liked the expansive notes and guidance that [my advisor] offered me… Additionally, I really loved the communication about when they would be able to review and return essays, and the turnaround time was always very quick.

College Coach Graduate and Rice University student

Two Offerings to Choose From

Essay support is just one of many areas for which our team can offer expert guidance. This support is included in our fully customizable, comprehensive service offerings.

Each package is a one-on-one, personalized experience with a dedicated college admissions counselor—each one a former admissions officer focused on your student’s goals. Both are available for all academic grades and transfer students.


Premier Plan

Time-Based Offering
Up to 25 hours of comprehensive counseling including access to our full spectrum of admissions and finance expertise.
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Elite Plan

Our All-Inclusive Service
Elite offers all the benefits of Premier plus priority response and no cap on time to address all areas of the admissions process.
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