Gabbi Tobias

College Admissions Consultant

Former admissions officer at
High Point University
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About Gabbi TobiasCollege Admissions Consultant

My Background

I came to College Coach after being a decision maker in college admissions. I began my career at High Point University where I read and evaluated thousands of applications from territories across the US, including the Midwest and the West Coast. I led essay workshops and case studies to educate prospective families on the college admissions process. Dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion during my time at High Point, I implemented and led the office’s Diversity Recruitment Board, which focused on recruitment, yield, and retention of students from underrepresented communities. And as a recruited collegiate lacrosse player I understand the pressures and demands that the recruitment process entails. Not only have I worked with recruited athletes, but I myself have experienced the process firsthand!

My Education

Methodist University
Bachelor of Science, Justice Studies

Get to Know Me

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Why I Joined Bright Horizons College Coach

During my time at High Point, I found myself most excited by conversations with students during the beginning stages of their college search journey. Often times this is where I found students and parents were the most nervous – they did not have a clear plan for where they wanted to go to, what they wanted to study, or even how to navigate this process. I loved being that calming force for students and parents by giving them the tools and resources needed to navigate the college search and application process successfully. College Coach provides me the opportunity to develop these connections earlier on with families as they navigate the college admissions process. I thrive on assisting families to realize that the college application process does not have to be as daunting as it seems. I was fortunate to have family and committed educators who assisted me in this process, and love this opportunity to help others in the same way.

Some of my Favorite Pastimes

Coaching and playing lacrosse, traveling, trying new foods, exercising, being outdoors, enjoying fellowship with family and friends