Research Mentorship Program

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Is your student passionate about a particular subject, highly motivated, and looking to expand their educational experience beyond schoolwork? They may be a good candidate for our Research Mentorship Program.

Develop Your Student’s Unique Strengths with a Personalized Research Project

Enhance your International Plan with our Research Mentorship add-on

With the Research Mentorship add-on, your student will:

  • Be matched with a researcher from a top institution, such as Harvard, Princeton, Oxford, and MIT
  • Receive 10 sessions of one-on-one mentorship
  • Develop a college-level research project
  • Identify the best way to present their work whether via publication, conference presentation, or a creative medium like podcasts, apps, or editorials
  • Have the potential to create a meaningful addition to their college application

The Research Mentorship Program is only available as an add-on to the International Plan and is subject to student acceptance into the program.

Sample Subjects

Add a Research Mentorshipto Our Core Offering

The Research Mentorship Program is an add-on to the International Plan. Learn more about our all-inclusive plan.

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Our package for international students offers one-on-one advising with a dedicated consultant and no cap on time.

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