Sam Freccia

College Admissions Consultant

Former admissions officer at
Colby College
Former Associate Director of College Counseling
Hackley School
Lakeside School
Former Admissions Fellow
Colgate University
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About Sam FrecciaCollege Admissions Consultant

My Background

I started my career with a fellowship in the admissions office of my alma mater, Colgate University, following my graduation. After completing the fellowship, I moved to Maine to work at Colby College as Assistant Director of Admissions, where I managed the selection process for their Presidential Scholars program, hired and trained their senior admissions interns, and coordinated recruitment and application review for prospective students from the Pacific Northwest as well as the Northeast. After my time at Colby, I switched “sides of the desk” and began working as a high school college counselor first at Lakeside School in Seattle, WA and most recently at Hackley School in Tarrytown, NY, as Associate Director of College Counseling. As a college counselor, I worked individually with students in grades 10-12 on every aspect of their college process, starting with annual course selection and ending with their final college decision at the end of senior year. With such a diverse group of students on my annual caseload, I have helped students apply to nearly every type of program imaginable, including but not limited to premier STEM programs, audition and portfolio based performing/visual arts programs, small liberal arts colleges, large public universities, pre-medicine tracks, military academies, and architecture programs. I have also helped dozens of student-athletes navigate the recruitment process for various D1 and D3 programs, especially within the NESCAC and Ivy League conferences. In addition to my college counseling work, I served as a personal and academic advisor to a small group of students at Lakeside and was a member of Hackley’s Academic Committee (a group of administrators who made school-wide decisions about academic affairs).

My Education

Colgate University
Bachelor of Arts, Geology
University of Hawai`i at Mānoa
Master of Education

Get to Know Me

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Why I Joined Bright Horizons College Coach

I joined College Coach because I wanted to continue my college counseling career at a company whose philosophy and approach to counseling matches my own: ethical and student-centered. When I was in high school, I found the college process to be immensely difficult and stressful, mostly because I tried to figure everything out on my own. In college, I quickly learned how invaluable it is to have wonderful mentors and advisors. I sought to be one of these people to others and took great pride in my role as an orientation leader and assigned mentor to first-year students. My admissions work provided a wealth of expertise, but most importantly, it helped me realize how much joy I find in helping high school students on their journey through this process. Working directly with students as a college counselor is incredibly rewarding, and it is a privilege to play a role in such an important moment in a student’s life.

Some of my Favorite Pastimes

Nothing makes me happier than spending time with my family. I have an amazing wife, two incredible daughters (twins), a baby boy, and an adorable Australian Shepherd named Kona. We love living in Maine and taking advantage of the beautiful nature that surrounds us. In warmer months, I enjoy playing golf with my buddies. I absolutely love live music and try to attend as many concerts as possible. Wednesday nights throughout the year are reserved for my favorite television show, Survivor. I have been obsessed with the show since I was ten years old!