Serena Frisina

College Admissions Consultant

Former admissions officer at
Lewis & Clark College
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About Serena FrisinaCollege Admissions Consultant

My Background

I worked as an admissions counselor at Lewis & Clark College, my alma mater, for many years before joining College Coach. While at Lewis & Clark, I read applications, interviewed prospective students, made admit decisions, and presented on topics focused on the application process and financial aid. In addition, I planned admitted student days, managed the visit program and supervised the student ambassador team. I also served as an athletic liaison to the football team and supported coaches and student-athletes through the application and financial aid process. I have worked with many community-based organizations to support first generation and underrepresented students through the college search and application process. I have also supported college counselors in creating college search and application curriculum for their schools.

My Education

Lewis & Clark College
Bachelor of Arts, International Affairs and Political Science

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Why I Joined Bright Horizons College Coach

My interest in college admissions started during my own college search. As a high school student in a rural area, I had very little support in navigating the college search and application process. I was fascinated with touring schools and researching different institutions. I was lucky to have the support of my family in touring many schools, from huge research universities to small liberal arts colleges. I found a perfect fit at Lewis & Clark, and I joined College Coach to help students navigate their journeys to find fit. I am excited to share my experiences and help make the college search process more transparent for prospective students and their families.

Some of my Favorite Pastimes

I love to spend time outside – particularly snowboarding in the winter and boating in the summer. On a sunny Portland day, you can find me walking my dog, Rozie, or at a “You Pick” farm adventure with my husband and son, Frankie. If I am not outside, you can find me enjoying my Italian husband’s cooking or listening to a crime podcast.