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COVID-19 & the College Admissions ProcessResources for Your Family

COVID-19 has made everything more stressful and more complex, including the college admissions process. While there is a lot of uncertainty at this time, our admissions and college finance experts have been working hard to address many of the questions we all have right now.

Blog Posts:

COVID Relief Bill Changes How You’ll Pay for College

Good News for Student Loan Borrowers!

How Do Online and In-Person College Costs Compare?

Declining College Enrollment? Initial Numbers are In!

Demystifying Test Optional During COVID-19

Should high school students take online courses this fall?

Nervous About the New Normal? Professors Offer Advice for Fall 2020

University of Michigan’s New Testing Policy: Unfair and Illogical

Fact vs. Fiction: Debating the Great Gap Year Surge

Rising Seniors: Make the Most of Your Summer

Common App Adds Optional COVID Essay Question

How to Stay Culturally Engaged from Home

Summer of Science: In-Home Ways to Stay Engaged

Virtual Volunteering: How to Stay Engaged from Home

Should I Take a Gap Year?

How to Stay Involved in Activities from Home

COVID-19 Leads to More Test Optional Admission Policies

University of California Relaxes Admissions Requirements due to COVID-19

COVID-19 and Student Loans: How to Get Relief

COVID-19 Resources for International Students

NEWS FLASH: You Can Take Your AP Exams in Your Pajamas

Preparing to Apply to College… from Home

How To: The Remote College Visit

President Suspends Student Loan Interest… But There’s a Catch

Saving and Paying for College in a Market Downturn

Top Tips for College Interviews by Skype

Coronavirus & College Admissions: Demonstrating Interest without Visiting Campus


What to Do When You Can’t Go on College Visits

How Standardized Testing is Being Affected by COVID-19

Making Your College Decision During a Pandemic

College Admissions Uncertainty During COVID-19

COVID-19 & College Finance: How to Pay for College During the Coronavirus Pandemic

University of California Application Changes in Reaction to COVID-19

How to Choose a College During a Pandemic: The Experience of One College Coach's Son

Applying for an MBA During the Coronavirus Pandemic

How to Prepare for your College or MBA Application while Social Distancing

Financial Aid Offer Not Enough? How to Ask for More College Scholarships

Applying to Medical School During the COVID-19 Pandemic

What Has Changed about Applying to the University of California?

Getting In: A College Coach Conversation:

COVID-19 & the Admissions Process

COVID-19 Questions & Impact on College Finance

Impact of Pass/Fail Classes; Quarantine Activities for Med School Hopefuls; Funding Beyond Financial Aid

Online Vs. On-Campus Costs; Standardized Testing: Advice in the COVID-19 Era; Computer Science: A College Perspective

Adjusting Summer Plans; PSAT Scores & Scholarships; Navigating COVID-19 with Help

Distance Learning; Post-Graduate Years; Borrowing to Pay for College

Essays on COVID-19; Selecting a College & Studying Abroad; Making the Most of the Summer Financially

COVID’s Impact on UCLA Admissions; Finance Conversations to Have Before Starting College

COVID’s Impact on SNHU; Tips for Online Learning; Using College Savings Plans to Pay College Bills

Fall Standardized Testing Update; Listener Q&A

Supplemental Essays & Why This College Prompts; COVID’s Impact on College Finance; Goals for Juniors

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