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If you're applying to college from outside the United States, you'll need to translate your international accomplishments to U.S. schools.

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We’ll help your student — and your family —get set up for future success.

Applying to U.S. universities is a unique challenge that our consultants– all former admissions officers who worked at highly selective American colleges – understand. They've helped international students from nearly 50 countries gain admission in the U.S.

Argentina Hungary Serbia
Australia Hong Kong Singapore
Austria India South Africa
Bahamas Indonesia South Korea
Belgium Ireland Spain
Bosnia and Herzegovina Israel Sweden
Brazil Italy Switzerland
Canada Japan Thailand
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Cyprus Lithuania Ukraine
Dominican Republic Mexico Uruguay
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Packages for international students offer one-on-one advising with a dedicated consultant. There’s no cap on time, and parents will receive updates throughout the process. Advisors work by phone, email, and/or video conference. Choose the communication method that best suits your family’s schedule.

Assistance includes:

  • Pre-Application Guidance: Help with course selection and extracurricular planning
  • Targeted College List: Customized selection of recommended “best fit” colleges based on personalized assessment and our inside knowledge of college acceptance criteria.
  • The Essay: Comprehensive guidance on choosing topics and developing content to ensure the finished essay reflects the student’s unique strengths and personality.
  • Interview Prep: Mock interviews and strategies, drawn from our years as interviewers, to build confidence.
  • Standardized Test Strategy: Comprehensive support for which test to take, when to take it, and how to navigate individual schools’ testing requirements.
  • Research and time management: Support students in their investigation of specific college requirements, and help to keep track and stay on top of deadlines.
  • College finance: Clarify the U.S. college finance process and reduce the stress of applying from abroad by analyzing the financial assistance and resources available to your family.

“I cannot thank College Coach enough for all the help they provided me throughout the college admissions process! Many of my friends who also wanted to apply to American colleges gave up because they weren't organized. I don't think I would have been accepted to any of my choices of U.S. universities if I just wrote my essay the way I thought it should be!”

– International Student from Australia at Cornell University


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For those who desire more, we also offer a research mentorship add-on.


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