College Finance Offering from College Coach

Determine the Best Way to Pay for College

Are you the parent of a high schooler? If so, you and your student are probably starting to think about college and how you’ll pay for it.  Do you need help building a college list that maximizes your student’s opportunity for merit scholarships from colleges and universities? Are you wondering if you should apply for need-based financial aid? Concerned about how to start the search for outside scholarships — and where to look? Are you worried about being able to afford your child’s college education?

Good news: the new College Coach® finance offering can help. Look to our advisors for expert guidance — we’ll help you determine the best way to pay for college based on your family’s unique needs. And we’re here for you if your financial situation changes, too.

Our college finance experts can help your family:

  • Understand the need-based aid process: We’ll help you figure out whether your family will qualify for need-based aid, how to complete and file financial aid forms, such as the FAFSA and CSS Profile, and how to keep track of important deadlines.
  • Create a targeted college list: We’ll work with you to identify “best fit” colleges based on opportunity for merit scholarships and your family’s financial situation.
  • Explore scholarships: We’ll guide you and your student through the outside scholarship search.
  • Negotiate financial aid: We’ll help you figure out how to ask a school for additional funds.
  • Appeal for more: We’ll give you tips on how to write a letter of appeal for more aid based on special circumstances.
  • Strategize a college finance plan: We’ll help you compare your offers, determine how to use your existing assets, and explore financing methods.

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