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Medical school applicants have received offers of admission at top programs at Mayo Clinic, NYU, Vanderbilt, Yale and more!

Our Medical School ExpertsCan Assist You

With Bright Horizons College Coach® you will be matched with a dedicated team that includes a medical school admissions strategist and essay and interview experts.

We have admissions experience from top medical school programs, including:

  • Former Senior Director of MD Admissions at Stanford University School of Medicine
  • Former Director of Admissions at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons

Our personalized guidance can include:

  • The Process: Advice on extracurricular planning, letters of recommendation, utilizing your college advising, and testing timelines
  • Organization: Assistance with establishing deadlines, organizing application requirements, and breaking the process into manageable tasks
  • List Analysis: Insight into whether your school list is appropriately balanced and achievable
  • Essay Review: Guidance on developing an essay-writing strategy that includes time for brainstorming and reviewing and editing work
  • Interview Preparation: Practice interviews with feedback
  • Waitlist Strategy: Guidance on when and how to write letters of interest and help to understand how medical schools approach the waitlist

Medical school applicants who have worked with College Coach have received offers of admission at:

  • Emory
  • Mayo Clinic
  • NYU
  • University of Colorado
  • Vanderbilt
  • Yale
  • And more!

How We Can Help

Whether you’re a current undergrad building towards applying to med school, or a college graduate student ready to apply now, we have plans to best fit your needs and meet you wherever you are in the process.

Early Advantage Plan
For college freshmen and sophomores
Up to five hours of time
Focused on goal setting for college to prepare for medical school and resume building to increase competitiveness for medical school applications
Applicant Review
For college juniors and beyond, we begin with an applicant review to determine competitiveness for medical school
Assist with pathway options
Provide next steps for improving student candidacy
Identify appropriate timeline
Premier Plan
For college juniors and beyond
Up to 20 hours of time
Focused on developing a testing strategy, goal setting, creating an application timeline, and providing essay help and interview preparation
Elite Plan
For college juniors and beyond
No cap on time
Focused on developing a testing strategy, goal setting, creating an application timeline, and providing essay help and interview preparation
Support in managing outcomes through final decision

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College Freshmen through Seniors Application Timeline
College Juniors and Beyond Application Timeline

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