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Our Educational AdvisorsCan Help You Reach Your Goals

Bright Horizons College Coach® matches adult learners with best-fit educational advisors who help determine best next steps in your educational journey.

Whether you are looking to explore certification programs, bachelor, postbaccalaureate or graduate programs, or better understand career pathways, we have plans to help you achieve your goals.

Our educational advisors can:

  • Guide adult and non-traditional learners through the many choices of the complex education landscape 
  • Guide learners to programs that fit their career and academic needs while keeping budget and personal priorities in mind
  • Conduct research and provide detailed comparison of program recommendations (Educational Plans)
  • Offer industry insights to help learners understand in-demand jobs and career pathways
  • Give game-changing start-to-finish educational guidance 
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Why College Coach?

Our team of educational advisors have supported more than 50,000 students with diverse learning needs and have expertise in an array of industries, including:

How We Can Help

Our support is entirely personalized to meet you wherever you are in the process.

In addition to one-on-one support, our team can provide custom plans to help you compare options.
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Connect with a best-fit educational advisor who can assess your needs to help you navigate next steps in your education.
Education Plan(s)
One-on-one support from an advisor and up to two custom education plans to compare program options.
Essay & Interview Support
An admissions expert can provide essay reviews and interview preparation. Only available with select packages.

Recent Client Stories

Radiology Tech Pathways

A high school graduate looking to become a radiology tech

Pathways Solution: Consultation and Education Plan with a health care expert and assistance with essay work from an admissions expert.

Client Testimonial: "[Our advisor] helped us in ways we would've never known...We were blown away at all the options she provided for us. She also alleviated so much of our anxiety and confusion. Because of her, we feel like we are on the right track."

PA Program Comparisons

A bachelors graduate looking for PA programs to fit specific learning and financial needs

Pathways Solution: Consultation and Education Plan with a health care expert and assistance with essay work and interview prep from an admissions expert.

Client Testimonial: "I heard from University of Florida the week after my interview and got accepted!! Thank you so much for all your help, that mock interview made such a difference. I really felt prepared and was able to use a lot of your advice."

Engineering Pathways

An adult learner with no previous degree looking to achieve goal of earning an engineering degree

Pathways Solution: Consultation and Education Plan with an engineering expert
Healthcare Graduate Degree Exploration

A college student looking for help exploring graduate degree options in the healthcare field

Pathways Solution: Consultation and two Education Plans with a health care expert to compare programs and pathways. Once learner decided on program type, our admissions team helped with essay work and interview prep for applications.


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