Private School Admissions Offering From College Coach

Is your student applying to independent high schools? College Coach® offers the assistance you need to help your student succeed.

In addition to developing a customized application plan, your dedicated advisor can assist with:

  • The Process: Advice on curricular and extracurricular planning, letters of recommendation, and testing timelines
  • Organization: Assistance with establishing deadlines, organizing application requirements, and breaking the process into manageable tasks
  • List Analysis: Insight into whether your student’s school list is appropriately balanced and achievable
  • Essay Review*: Guidance on developing an essay-writing strategy that includes time for brainstorming and reviewing work
  • Interview Preparation: practice interviews with feedback
  • Visit Guidance**: Expectations and guidelines for school visits
  • Parent Assistance: Insight into the value independent school communities place on the family’s role, how to complete the written component of the application, and how to prepare for your own interviews

*Essay assistance not available for any independent school specifically prohibiting outside help
**Research and visit information organization included in the Elite package

You have two offerings to choose from. Each includes one-on-one support, but the amount of time you spend with an advisor depends on the program you choose:

  • Premier: Get up to 20 hours of comprehensive guidance tailored to your student’s individual goals and focused on the areas where your family needs the most assistance

  • Elite: Get unlimited guidance with no cap on time, priority scheduling and turnaround time, calendar coordination, deadline assistance, and support to manage all outcomes and final school choice

With our team of experts, you’ll be in good hands. Many formerly worked at some of the nation’s most prestigious private high schools, including single-sex schools, boarding schools, religiously affiliated schools, and international high schools.

We’ll help your student — and your family —get set up for future success.

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We have additional offerings you can take advantage of further down the road, too. When your student is ready to start the college application process, these services offer step-by-step, personalized guidance. Click on the following services to learn more.

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